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21 March 2023
new feature community building capacity building

Numerous other training groups keep “Trainer Directories” as a way to help students meet trainers in their area, especially for hosting workshops for their local community. There have been a handful of attempts at this in the past, both in galaxyproject/galaxy-maps and in a Google Map on the GTN homepage.

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One of the many charts from the report. Histogram of the average duration, in hours, an upgrade takes (excluding DB schema migration). Showing a median of 3 and mean of 4. Mostly under 3, but a few values around 7.
22 July 2024
deploying maintenance survey

Have you wondered how difficult Galaxy is to run? How much time people must spend to run Galaxy? In February 2024, we collected 9 responses from the Galaxy Small Scale Admin group. The questions cover various time burdens and technological choices. The report provides answers to prospective future admins’ most common questions.

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