Data Privacy

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The GTN is invested in preserving your privacy. We attempt to balance your rights and needs to private access of the GTN resources, with our needs to continue receiving funding and provide a good experience for you, the user.

Alternative Access

If you do not like the privacy options available to you, the GTN can be downloaded and hosted yourself, offline, for users needing completely anonymous access to the site and it’s tutorials and slides.

Data Collection Systems

We use two data collection systems, for different purposes. Both, to the best of our knowledge, render you effectively anonymous as they are currently configured. Each system collects different data, and can be opted out of individually.


We collect the following information on visitors:

We do not have information correlating visits across pages, we cannot identify if you visit one page, or many pages in a single visit.

You can see the aggregate collected information in Plausible.

We do not have access to more granular data.

However, if you wish you may opt out of these aggregate statistics.

Input: What you provide
  • Device information
  • Location (country granularity)
  • Page visited
Output: How we use it
  • Helps us request Grant Funding
  • Helps us know who is using our tutorials
  • Makes authors happy to know people love their tutorial!

Opt out from plausible:


When something breaks on the GTN in the UI, we collect information about how that happened to help our developers fix problems within the GTN.

Input: What you provide
  • Device information
  • Page
  • Stack trace
  • GTN Javascript variables
Output: How we use it
  • Fixing JavaScript Bugs
  • Especially from unusual platforms which we cannot test on.

Opt out from sentry:


Here we expose the several types of data storage that browsers offer, so you can easily see what data this website creates and uses:


This data is never transferred to the server


This data is never transferred to the server, and is deleted when your browser window closes.


This data is automatically transferred to the server. You can clear it using your browser’s tools: