Adding Quizzes to your Tutorial

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  • How to make a quiz?

  • Create a quiz

Time estimation: 15 minutes
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Published: May 19, 2022
Last modification: Oct 18, 2022
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Interactive quizzes can be used either alone, or with a classroom of students, to check student’s knowledge.


In this tutorial, we will cover:

  1. How it Works
  2. Quiz Format
  3. Folder Structure
  4. Inserting quizzes throughout a tutorial
  5. Default Location

How it Works

We developed a small Kahoot-like interface, where a teacher can initiate a quiz, students can join the teacher’s session (using PeerJS), and do a collaborative quiz.

Quiz Format

Each quiz starts a lot like the tutorials!

title: SQL Advanced Recap
- hexylena

Within the questions section we have a list of question

- title: How do you find the number of records in a query result?
    - count(name)
    - count(*)
    - sum(id)
    - max(id)
    - count(name)
    - count(*)
  timeout: 20
  type: choose-many

There are a few different types of questions:

  • choose-1, one correct answer
  • choose-many, potentially multiple correct answers
  • poll, there’s no right answer, just ask the students how they’re feeling!

You can include images in the main area, if you need some context for a question

- title: Which of these joins is NOT valid
  image: /training-material/topics/data-science/images/carpentries-sql/sql-join-structure.svg
    - Select * From P as P1 Join P as P2 on =
    - SELECT * From P Join Q Join V on = Q.person and Q.taken =
    - SELECT * From S join Q on and = Q.quant
    - SELECT * From S Join V on =
  correct: SELECT * From S join Q on and = Q.quant
  timeout: 60
  type: choose-1

Poll’s let you check in with students, how they’re feeling, or take their opinion on what they think.

- title: How are you feeling?
    - Great
    - Horrid
  timeout: 20
  type: poll
  live: true

The live key there allows polls to show the results “live” and let students change answers while the time runs.

Folder Structure

You place quizzes in a quiz subdirectory of your tutorial

├── quiz
│   └── a.yaml

Inserting quizzes throughout a tutorial

If you want to show a quiz at a specific place within a tutorial

{% include _includes/quiz.html id="a.yaml" %}

Quiz: Test Quiz

Check your knowledge with a quiz!

  • Self Study Mode - do the quiz at your own pace, to check your understanding.
  • Classroom Mode - do the quiz synchronously with a classroom of students.

And then it’s available!

Default Location

By default all quizzes are found at the bottom of the tutorial.