Gallantries Grant - Intellectual Output 5 - Train-the-Trainer and mentoring programme

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This Learning Pathway collects the results of Intellectual Output 5 in the Gallantries Project

Success Criteria:

Hybrid Lesson Development Guide

Covers an introduction to pedagogy for instructors and how to adapt training materials to hybrid methodology and key points and indicators that instructors should use when evaluating or adapting training materials to hybrid training delivery [SC5.1]

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Train the Trainer Programme

This submodule consists of an in depth training of hybrid workshop delivery methodology and risk management. We will base this on existing TtT programmes such as from Carpentries and ELIXIR due to our contact with both, using open methodology to ensure significant review of the materials before publication. This will be evaluated in the first round leveraging LTTAs for the new consortium members (INRAE, MNHN). These LTTAs are not included as a dedicated cost item in the budget, as they will be online and do not require travel for the learners. Lessons learned and feedback provided during this evaluation process will be integrated back into the TtT training module, before a second round of refinement in the mentorship period [SC5.2]

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Principles of learning and how they apply to training and teaching
Design and plan session, course, materials
Training techniques to enhance learner participation and engagement
Motivation and Demotivation
Assessment and feedback in training and teachings

Gallantries Handbook

A companion to the TtT programme, a handbook instructing in the delivery of hybrid training workshops, including checklists for instructors, hosts, and staff involved in the delivery of such events. [SC5.1-3]

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Hybrid training
Asynchronous training

Course Builder

Given the highly modular nature of the training content developed in IOs 1-4, the respective submodules can be combined and assembled into courses in different ways. Each submodule has defined prerequisite modules and suggested follow-up modules as well as a time estimate. This information can be used by instructors to “build” their own courses using these building blocks. To assist with this task, we will provide those instructors with a small web application for module selection and scheduling. [SC5.2-3]

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Course Builder

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