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  • Is this service appropriate for my event?

  • Identify if it is appropriate

Time estimation: 10 minutes
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Published: Nov 2, 2023
Last modification: Nov 1, 2023
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As part of the Gallantries Project we developed a small “Course Builder” which can help you build a schedule of pre-existing videos from the GTN Video library to use with your courses.


In this tutorial, we will see:

  1. Try the Course Builder

Try the Course Builder

You can try the course builder online. It works as follows:

  1. The “Welcome!” Tab

    Pick some modules from the left hand menu by clicking on them. They will turn blue when added to your event.

    Hands-on: Add some modules

    Add the following modules:


    1. Setup
    2. Code of Conduct
    3. Feedback Sessions:
    4. Quality Control
    5. Mapping Galaxy Intro:
    6. A Very Short Introduction to Galaxy Transcriptomics:
    7. Introduction to Transcriptomics
    8. Reference based RNA-Seq data analysis
  2. The “Session” Tab

    This tab allows you to organise your modules into sessions. Do you want to split up the materials by day? Or morning/afternoon? Or by week if you’re running a longer course?

    Hands-on: Create Sessions and Organise Content
    1. Create a new section

      name: Galaxy Intro description: “Morning Session”

    2. Create a new section

      name: RNA-Seq description: “Afternoon Session”

    3. Add Very Short Introduction to Galaxy to the first session by dragging and dropping it.
    4. Add RNA Seq modules to the second session
  3. The “Configure Event” Tab

    This tab lets you add metadata to the event, it builds on the data in the video-library so you may not find your name in the list.

    Hands-on: Update event metadata
    1. Change the event title and description
    2. Change the event dates
    3. Select some trainers
    4. Select some contacts (can be randomly, or yourself if you are present)
    5. Select some affiliated institutions
  4. The “Export” Tab

    If you’ve made it this far you’re ready to contribute this file to the Video Library which will provide a workshop webpage for you!

    Hands-on: Create the event webpage
    1. Fork the video-library repo
    2. Add your file to docs/events/<your-event-identifier>/
    3. Create a pull request
      • If any instructors/institutes/organisers were missing from your selections, then write the missing information in the Pull Request and the maintainers will help you add it in the correct place.