Detection of AMR genes in bacterial genomes

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This learning path aims to teach you the basic steps to detect and check Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) genes in bacterial genomes using Galaxy.

Module: Species and contamination checking

Taxonomic assignation is useful in AMR detection to check contamination and confirm species

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Checking expected species and contamination in bacterial isolate

Module: Assembly

Assembly is a major step in the process of detecting AMR genes as it combines sequenced reads into contigs, longer sequences where it will be easier to identify genes and in particular AMR genes

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Genome Assembly of a bacterial genome (MRSA) sequenced using Illumina MiSeq Data
Genome Assembly of MRSA from Oxford Nanopore MinION data (and optionally Illumina data)

Module: Genome annotation

The generated contigs can be annotated to detect genes, potential plasmids, etc. This will help the AMR gene detection process, especially the verification and visualization

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Bacterial Genome Annotation

Module: AMR gene detection

AMR gene content can be assessed from the contigs to detect known resistance mechanisms and potentially identify novel mechanisms.

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Identification of AMR genes in an assembled bacterial genome

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Pathogen detection from (direct Nanopore) sequencing data using Galaxy - Foodborne Edition

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