Copy a dataset between histories

Sometimes you may want to use a dataset in multiple histories. You do not need to re-upload the data, but you can copy datasets from one history to another.

There 3 ways to copy datasets between histories

  1. From the original history

    1. Click on the galaxy-gear icon which is on the top of the list of datasets in the history panel
    2. Click on Copy Datasets
    3. Select the desired files

    4. Give a relevant name to the “New history”

    5. Validate by ‘Copy History Items’
    6. Click on the new history name in the green box that have just appear to switch to this history
  2. Using the galaxy-columns Show Histories Side-by-Side

    1. Click on the galaxy-dropdown dropdown arrow top right of the history panel (History options)
    2. Click on galaxy-columns Show Histories Side-by-Side
    3. If your target history is not present
      1. Click on ‘Select histories’
      2. Click on your target history
      3. Validate by ‘Change Selected’
    4. Drag the dataset to copy from its original history
    5. Drop it in the target history
  3. From the target history

    1. Click on User in the top bar
    2. Click on Datasets
    3. Search for the dataset to copy
    4. Click on its name
    5. Click on Copy to current History
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