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Feedforward neural networks (FNN) Deep Learning - Part 1


Authors: Kaivan Kamali avatar Kaivan Kamali




last_modification Published: Jun 2, 2021
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What is an artificial neural network?

Speaker Notes

What is an artificial neural network?

Artificial Neural Networks

Inspiration for neural networks

Sketch of a biological neuron and its components

Celebral cortex

Celebral cortex


Neurons forming the input and output layers of a single layer feedforward neural network

Learning in Perceptron

Limitations of Perceptron

Multi-layer FNN

Neurons forming the input, output, and hidden layers of a multi-layer feedforward neural network

Activation functions

Table showing the formula, graph, derivative, and range of common activation functions

Supervised learning

Classification problems

Three images illustrating binary, multiclass, and multilabel classifications and their label representation

Output layer

Output layer (Continued)

Loss/Cost functions

Cross Entropy Loss/Cost functions

Cross Entropy loss function

Cross Entropy cost function

Quadratic Loss/Cost functions

Quadratic loss function

Quadratic cost function

Backpropagation (BP) learning algorithm

Backpropagation error

Backpropagation error

Backpropagation formulas

Backpropagation formulas

Types of Gradient Descent

Vanishing gradient problem

Car purchase price prediction

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