Using Git With Ansible Vaults

When looking at git log to see what you changed, you cannot easily look into Ansible Vault changes: you just see the changes in the encrypted versions which is unpleasant to read.

Instead we can use .gitattributes to tell git that we want to use a different program to visualise differences between two versions of a file, namely ansible-vault.

  1. Check your git log -p and see how the Vault changes look (you can type /vault to search). Notice that they’re just changed encoded content.
  2. Create the file .gitattributes in the same folder as your galaxy.yml playbook, with the following contents:

    group_vars/secret.yml diff=ansible-vault merge=binary
  3. Try again to git log -p and look for the vault changes. Note that you can now see the decrypted content! Very useful.
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