Discovering galaxy through climate analysis

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We recommend you follow the tutorials in the order presented on this page. They have been selected to fit together and build up your knowledge step by step. If a lesson has both slides and a tutorial, we recommend you start with the slides, then proceed with the tutorial.

How to have a complete overview of how Galaxy works going from the user welcome page to use batch tools and finishing by conducting interactive analysis. These set of 3 Climate tutorials allow you to understand and see plenty of the multiple features of Galaxy and learning about the cool subject of climate analysis.

This can be done in less than 3h. To be really complete you can then create a workflow from the history of your 1st tutorial and show how workflows work.

Following 3 climate tutorials

During this session you will first learn about the galaxy interface and how to use batch tools. Then, you’ll be able to run through a jupyter notebook launch from Galaxy. Finally, you will conduct a climate analysis on a desktop application with Panoply.

Lesson Slides Hands-on Recordings
Pangeo ecosystem 101 for everyone - Introduction to Xarray Galaxy Tools
Pangeo Notebook in Galaxy - Introduction to Xarray
Visualize Climate data with Panoply netCDF viewer

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