Importing a workflow using the search

  1. Click on Workflow in the top menu bar of Galaxy. You will see a list of all your workflows.
  2. Click on the galaxy-upload Import icon at the top-right of the screen
  3. On the new page, select the GA4GH servers tab, and configure the GA4GH Tool Registry Server (TRS) Workflow Search interface as follows:
    1. “TRS Server”: the TRS Server you want to search on (Dockstore or Workflowhub)
    2. Type in the search query
    3. Expand the correct workflow by clicking on it
    4. Select the version you would like to galaxy-upload import

The workflow will be imported to your list of workflows. Note that it will also carry a little green check mark next to its name, which indicates that this is an original workflow version imported from a TRS server. If you ever modify the workflow with Galaxy’s workflow editor, it will lose this indicator.

Persistent URL
Resource purlPURL:
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