Purging datasets

  1. All account Datasets can be reviewed under User > Datasets.
  2. To permanently delete: use the link from within the dataset, or use the Operations on Multiple Datasets functions, or use the Purge Deleted Datasets option in the History menu.


  • Within a History, deleted/permanently deleted Datasets can be reviewed by toggling the deleted link at the top of the History panel, found immediately under the History name.
  • Both active (shown by default) and hidden (the other toggle link, next to the deleted link) datasets can be reviewed the same way.
  • Click on the far right “X” to delete a dataset.
  • Datasets in a deleted state are still part of your quota usage.
  • Datasets must be purged (permanently deleted) to not count toward quota.
Persistent URL
Resource purlPURL: https://gxy.io/GTN:F00044
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