Datasets not downloading at all

  1. Check to see if pop-ups are blocked by your web browser. Where to check can vary by browser and extensions.
  2. Double check your API key, if used. Go to User > Preferences > Manage API key.
  3. Check the sharing/permission status of the Datasets. Go to Dataset > Pencil icon galaxy-pencil > Edit attributes > Permissions. If you do not see a “Permissions” tab, then you are not the owner of the data.


  • If the data was shared with you by someone else from a Shared History, or was copied from a Published History, be aware that there are multiple levels of data sharing permissions.
  • All data are set to not shared by default.
  • Datasets sharing permissions for a new history can be set before creating a new history. Go to User > Preferences > Set Dataset Permissions for New Histories.
  • User > Preferences > Make all data private is a “one click” option to unshare ALL data (Datasets, Histories). Note that once confirmed and all data is unshared, the action cannot be “undone” in batch, even by an administrator. You will need to re-share data again and/or reset your global sharing preferences as wanted.
  • Only the data owner has control over sharing/permissions.
  • Any data you upload or create yourself is automatically owned by you with full access.
  • You may not have been granted full access if the data were shared or imported, and someone else is the data owner (your copy could be “view only”).
  • After you have a fully shared copy of any shared/published data from someone else, then you become the owner of that data copy. If the other person or you make changes, it applies to each person’s copy of the data, individually and only.
  • Histories can be shared with included Datasets. Datasets can be downloaded/manipulated by others or viewed by others.
  • Share access to Datasets is distinct but it relates to Histories’ access.
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