Understanding job statuses

Job statuses will help you understand the stages of your work.

The following job statuses will help you better understand the working stage of the process.

  • Green: The job was completed successfully.
  • Yellow: The job is executing. Allow this to complete! Should they run longer, they will fail with a “wall-time” error and turn red.
  • Grey: The job is being evaluated to run (new dataset) or is queued. Allow this to complete.
  • Red: The job has failed.
  • Light Blue: The job is paused. This indicates either an input has a problem or that you have exceeded the disk quota set by the administrator of the Galaxy instance you are working on.
  • Grey, Yellow, Grey again: The job is waiting to run due to admin re-run or an automatic fail-over to a longer-running cluster.
  • Bright blue with moving arrow: May be found in earlier Galaxy versions. Applies to the “Get Data → Upload File” tool only - the upload job is queuing or running.

It is essential to allow queued jobs to remain queued and not delete/re-run them.

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