Training material for proteomics workflows in Galaxy


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Lesson Slides Hands-on Input dataset Workflows Galaxy tour Galaxy instances
Protein FASTA Database Handling
Metaproteomics tutorial
Label-free versus Labelled - How to Choose Your Quantitation Method
Detection and quantitation of N-termini (degradomics) via N-TAILS
Peptide and Protein ID using SearchGUI and PeptideShaker
Peptide and Protein ID using OpenMS tools
Secretome Prediction
Peptide and Protein Quantification via Stable Isotope Labelling (SIL)

Galaxy instances

You can also a public Galaxy instance which has been tested for the availability of the used tools. They are listed along with the tutorials above.

You can also use for these tutorials the dedicated Docker image:

docker run -d -p 8080:80

It will launch a flavored Galaxy instance available on http://localhost:8080.


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