's Training Infrastructure as a Service


question Questions
  • Is this service appropriate for my event?
objectives Objectives
  • Identify if it is appropriate
  • Interact with the admins to arrange for infrastructure

time Time estimation: 10 minutes

Introduction has developed Training Infrastructure as a Service (TIaaS for short) which allows you to use with a private queue for your training event. Your trainees’ jobs won’t wait in the main queue, and can be processed much more quickly than they might be otherwise. This can provide the experience of a local, private Galaxy combined with a public Galaxy that you are not responsible for maintaining. Additionally if something goes wrong, you can conveniently blame the EU admins, rather than feeling the stress of debugging and fixing your private Galaxy.


In this tutorial, we will see:

  1. Identify if TIaaS is Appropriate For Your Training
  2. How TIaaS Works
  3. The Application Process
  4. Things to do: Before Your Training
  5. Things to do: During Your Training

Identify if TIaaS is Appropriate For Your Training

Consider the requirements for your training:

  • Do you need really special tools that are not already available on EU? The EU server supports most training workflows, but if you need something special you might want to contact the admins to see if they can accomodate your needs.
  • Do you have special private training data that should be made public? If so the EU server is not appropriate
  • Do you need extra guarantees that the server will be online? The EU server has very good uptime for a server run by an academic group, but it cannot make promises regarding availability.

How TIaaS Works

We have several “pools” of VMs attached to that run user jobs. For trainings we attach a new pool of VMs that is specially labelled for that training. When normal users run tools on our server, these jobs are instructed to avoid the training pools by default.

When your users join a training, using a special URL provided to you, they then are placed in a special training group. Their jobs will then preferentially run on a training machine, and, in the event there is no more capacity, they will run on the main queue. If a spot on a training VM opens up first, they will run there rather than continuing to wait in the main queue.

The Application Process

hands_on Hands-on: Apply for TIaaS Training

  1. Fill out the form

  2. The EU admin team will review the request and get in touch with you as needed to identify the compute resources you need for your training

  3. The EU admin team will inform you of the URL you should provide to your participants during the training. They can open this URL and they will be added to the special training group

Things to do: Before Your Training

  1. Run through your planned trainings on the EU server to ensure everything is available including data libraries and tools.
  2. If anything is missing, contact the admins via Gitter or Email and they will work to resolve the missing training material resources.

Things to do: During Your Training

  1. Watch for any problems and contact the admins via Gitter

    • Jobs spending abnormally long in the queue
    • Jobs failing
  2. Remind your participants to submit bug reports if they experience any tool errors


keypoints Key points

  • Infrastructure is available for running Galaxy trainings for free from
  • This can be easier than setting up a local Galaxy and may have more resources available

congratulations Congratulations on successfully completing this tutorial!